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Articles and blogs published online:

Trevor has a regular blog at Mainframe Update

Trevor has articles on the TechChannel website. He also has articles on the Spiceworks (was IT Toolbox) website.

In addition, his blogs appear on the Planet Mainframe website.

Books written:

Articles written:

Articles written by Trevor Eddolls have appeared in a wide range of publications including Computerworld (US edition), Enterprise Client/Server, Insight IS, VM Update, VSE Update, NT Update, Domino Update, Oracle Update, News IS, and most of Xephon's mainframe-based publications.

In addition, Trevor has been interviewed very many times by journalists looking for information so they can understand the significance of a particular story, or for an expert comment on the story.

Trevor Eddolls has written articles that were published on the Enterprise Systems Media Web site:

Trevor Eddolls has written articles that were published in Enterprise Tech Journal:

Trevor has written articles that were published in zJournal:

Trevor's article entitled "Mainframe Application Modernization" is also available from IBM - click here.

Trevor's article entitled "Mainframes: life begins at 45" can be found in the Institution of Engineering and Technology's Engineering & Technology magazine - issue 20 (cover date 21 November - 4 December 2009).

Trevor's article entitled "Database archiving for the future" can be found in the May-June 2008 issue of Mainframe Executive magazine.

An article about the Virtual IMS Connection user group and Web site was published in the IBM IMS newsletter 0801.

Trevor has had two articles about Microsoft's Visio published on the Accounting Web site. The articles can be found here and here.
A similar article is available on the Training Zone Web site here, and at the HR Zone Web site here.

Trevor also had an article entitled, "Which is the best browser for me?" published on the Accounting Web site. The article can be found here.

iTech-Ed produced the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook in 2020, and every year since 2008. Mark Lillycrop's Arcati organization describes the Yearbook as, "The one-stop independent reference work for users of IBM mainframe systems". It contains an annual user survey, an up-to-date directory of vendors and consultants, a guide to sources of information, a strategy section with papers on mainframe trends and directions, a glossary of terminology, and a mainframe evolution section. The Yearbook is available free in PDF format. The 2020 Yearbook is available here.
iTech-Ed provided the Glossary section for the Yearbook in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Trevor writes and produces a bi-monthly (every other month) newsletter for the Virtual IMS user group and the Virtual CICS user group. Copies of recent newsletters can be found here and here.

Trevor Eddolls has written articles that were published in NaSPA's Technical Support magazine:

Trevor also contributed to NaSPA's third podcast. You can listen to the full podcast by going to and clicking on the link saying, naspa-64630-06-08-2007.mp3.
Trevor also has a number of podcasts on the DataDirect site:

Trevor's article entitled, "IDEs for middleware - a beginner's guide" was published in the November 2007 (Volume 21 Report 4) issue of MiddlewareSPECTRA.

Trevor has written two articles for the Techie Crossing Web site. The first one is called "Database Auditing: Who Did What, to Which Data, When?". The second is called "Database Archiving for Tomorrow".

Trevor has produced a White Paper for William Data Systems, and documentation for internal use by NetManage, McKinsey and Company, and NEON Enterprise Software.

He has written many articles that appeared originally on Anura Gurugé's IT In-Depth site,