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IBM  Champion IBM has recognized Trevor Eddolls, Itech-Ed Ltd’s CEO, as an IBM Champion in 2021. He has been an IBM Champion since 2009.

Trevor Eddolls What’s been happening at iTech-Ed Ltd this year?

The Virtual CICS user group witnessed great demonstration from James Alexander, Director of Technical Services for HostBridge Technology, on 11 May, showing how to build a CICS API from scratch.

Also in May, Trevor’s article, “How To Build and Design Cloud-Native Software From Scratch” was published on the Toolbox for IT website.

On 13 April, the Virtual IMS user group looked at IMS utilities and IMS Tools in a presentation from Thomas Esser, zSolutions Architect, Director, IMS Solution Advisors at Rocket Software, entitled, “Saving CPU time with IMS database administration”.

Also in April, Trevor’s article, “Breaking Down Extended Detection and Response (XDR): Benefits, Hype, & Reality” was published on the Toolbox for IT website, and his article, “How to Simplify the Lives of Non-Mainframe Trained IT Employees” was published on the TechChannel website.

The Virtual CICS user group had a fact-pact presentation from Eugene Hudders, President of C\TREK Corporation on 9 March. His presentation was entitled “CICS Health Check – What Does It Entail?”.

Also in March, Trevor’s articles, “Defend Your Mainframe Data From Internal Threats” and “Mainframes and Cloud Computing”, were published on the TechChannel website. And his articles, “Is It Time To Look Beyond Mainframes in the Hyperscale Era?” and “How To Build Data Pipelines for a Multi-Cloud Environment” were published on the Toolbox for IT website. Lastly, his blog,“Cyber security and cyber resiliency for financial institutions (and everyone else)” was published on the Planet Mainframe website

On 9 February, the Virtual IMS user group enjoyed another great presentation from Nick R Griffin, WorldWide IMS Specialist at BMC Software. His subject was “Reached the IMS Database 4/8gig line, Now What?”.

Also in February, Trevor’s blog, “The 2021 Arcati Mainframe Yearbook Is Now Available”, was published on the TechChannel website. And Trevor's articles, “Rise of SASE Can Spell Doom for Legacy Network Security Technologies” and “Does Your Unstructured Data Spark Joy?”, were published on the Toolbox for IT website.

IBM Champion badges fillerThe exciting news in January was that Trevor Eddolls was recognized by IBM as a 2021 IBM Champion. IBM said: “On behalf of IBM, it is my great pleasure to recognize you as a returning IBM Champion in 2021. Congratulations! We would like to thank you for your continued leadership and contributions to the IBM technology community. This recognition is awarded based on your contributions for the 2020 calendar year.”

On 12 January, the Virtual CICS user group had an excellent presentation from Satish Tanna and Nina Mirski-Fitton, Offering Managers for CICS Tools, zSystems Software at IBM Systems Unit. They were discussing “Driving CICS Development, Operations and Management Success with CICS Tools”.

Also in January, Trevor’s blog, “Looking Back at 2020: Changes, Innovations and More”, was published on the new TechChannel website. And Trevor's articles “Rise of the Network Edge: New Approaches Needed To Secure the Edge” and “Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):Top 8 Use Cases for Improving Data Security” were published on the Toolbox for IT website.

Lastly, January saw the publication of the always popular Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2021. You can download a copy here – it’s FREE. Last year’s edition was downloaded around 21,000 times during the course of the year, and Trevor is Editorial Director for this highly-respected annual source of mainframe information.

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