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We can provide you with specialist IT consultancy, writing, and editing services. In addition we can provide technical education and training, Web design, social media expertise, as well as personal development sessions. We have experience with SharePoint and Office 365, communications, as well as mainframes. Click here to contact iTech-Ed by e-mail.

What’s been happening at iTech-Ed Ltd this year?

Trevor Eddolls

The Virtual IMS user group meeting on 9 April enjoyed an interesting presentation from Scott Quillicy, Principal at SQData Corporation, entitled “IMS CDC to Kafka - Performance and Tuning”.

Also in April, Trevor's blog “Liberty Profile” was published on the Destination z Web site.

On the 5 March, the Virtual CICS user group meeting enjoyed another excellent presentation from Ezriel Gross, former CEO of Circle Software. He discussed “Efficient management of online resources using CICS Configuration Manager”.

Also in March, Trevor's blog, “Multi-Factor Authentication”, was published on the Planet Mainframe Web site. And his blog “Why We Need Pervasive Encryption” was published on the Destination z Web site.

On the 5 February, the Virtual IMS user group meeting enjoyed an excellent presentation from Kevin Hite, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) - IMS Architect at IBM, entitled “IMS ODB”.

Also in February, Trevor’s blog “The 2019 Arcati Mainframe Yearbook ” was published on the Destination z Web site.

The exciting news in January was that Trevor Eddolls was recognized by IBM as a 2019 IBM Champion. IBM said: “On behalf of IBM, it is my great pleasure to recognize you as a returning IBM Champion in 2019. Congratulations! We would like to thank you for your continued leadership and contributions to the IBM technology community. This recognition is awarded based on your contributions for the 2018 calendar year. .”

Also in January, Trevor’s blog, “A Look at 2018 and a Nod to 2019”, was published on the Destination z Web site.

And on the 15 January, the Virtual CICS user group meeting enjoyed an wonderfully technical presentation from Tom Dunlap, CTO at Themis Inc. He talked about “The CICS / DB2 Interface”.

Lastly, January saw the publication of the always popular Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2019. You can download a copy here – it’s FREE. Last year’s edition was downloaded around 21,000 times during the course of the year, and Trevor is Editorial Director for this highly-respected annual source of mainframe information.

IBM  Champion

IBM has recognized Trevor Eddolls as an IBM Champion in 2019. He has been an IBM Champion since 2009.

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