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IBM  Champion IBM has recognized Trevor Eddolls, iTech-Ed Ltd’s CEO, as an IBM Champion in 2024. He has been an IBM Champion since 2009.


What’s been happening at iTech-Ed Ltd this year?

Trevor Eddolls

IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Contributor - 2024In April, Trevor Eddolls was awarded an IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Contributor – 2024 (Level 1) badge. The badge earner is an external community member who is passionate about IBM zSystems and LinuxONE and wants to make a positive difference. This individual has expressed interest in contributing to the community in their own unique way.

Also in April, Trevor’s article, “Why Today’s AI Is Failing”, was published on the TechChannel website.

On 9 April, the Virtual IMS user group had a presentation from IBM’s Stephen P Nathan entitled “How to Help IBM AND YOU Quickly Resolve IMS Problems”.

2024 Influencial MainframerTowards the end of April, Trevor was listed as a 2024 Influential Mainframers on the Planet Mainframe website.

On 12 March, Jenny He PhD, IBM Master Inventor, CICS Development at IBM Hursley Park, gave a presentation to the Virtual CICS user group entitled, “CICS Event processing and CICS policies”. And on 19 March, Toine Michielse, Solutions Architect at Broadcom, discussed “A day in the life of a Db2 for z/OS Schema” with the Virtual DB2 user group.

February saw the publication of the always popular Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2024. You can download a copy here – it’s FREE. Last year’s edition of this highly-respected annual source of mainframe information was downloaded around 21,000 times during the course of the year.

Also in February, Trevor’s article, “The Comprehensive Beginners’ Guide to AI”, was published on the TechChannel website. And his article “Ransomware Attacks and your Health” was published on the Planet Mainframe website.

On 13 February, the Virtual IMS user group had a presentation from Dr Daniela Schilling, CEO of Delta Software Technology, entitled “Replacing IBM IMS DB – Fully Automated and with Highest Security”.

IBM Champion badges The exciting news in January was that Trevor Eddolls has been recognized by IBM as a 2024 IBM Champion. IBM said: “On behalf of IBM, it is my great pleasure to recognize you as a returning IBM Champion in 2024. Congratulations! We would like to thank you for your continued leadership and contributions to the IBM technology community. This recognition is awarded based on your contributions for the 2023 calendar year.”

On 16 January, the Virtual Db2 user group saw a presentation from Marcus Davage, Lead Product Developer at BMC Software. He was discussing how “Driving Down Database Development Dollars”. Then on 23 January, Todd Havekost, Senior z/OS Performance Consultant at IntelliMagic discussed “Enhanced Analysis Through Integrating CICS and Other Types of SMF Data” with the Virtual CICS user group.


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