The IMS-L Listserv can be found at:

It contains IMS-related questions and answers going back to July 2002.

New users will need to Join the IMS Data Base Discussion List. You will need to give an e-mail address and a password.

You will receive an e-mail from IMSLISTSERV.BMC.COM LISTSERV Server (15.5). Click on the link in the e-mail to join.

Once you have joined, you can "Log Out", "Change Password", or "Search Archives". Click on IMS-L to see a list of months. By clicking on a month, you can see the message topics and who sent them and when, for that month. Each month’s archive contains numerous messages on a wide range of topics. The header allows you to "Log Out", "Change Password", "Join or Leave IMS-L", "Post New Message" or "Search Archives"

If you have a question to ask or some information to share, then (obviously) click on the "Post New Message" link. You will see a form, much like an e-mail, and you need to fill in the subject line and enter your message. It's even possible to include attachments.

Depending on the subscription type you select, you may receive a copy of messages sent to the Listserv as they happen, or receive a day’s worth bundled together. Topics vary from the extremely technical to the quite frivolous.

It’s well-worth joining the IMS Listserv, if you haven’t already, to learn from fellow IMS professionals or to share your own expertise.

The URL, once again, is