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The Virtual IMS user group is an independently-operated vendor-neutral site run by and for the IMS user community.

The Virtual IMS user group was established as a way for individuals using IBM's IMS hierarchical database and transactional processing system to exchange information, learn new techniques, and advance their skills with the product.

This Web site provides a central point for coordinating periodic meetings (which contain technically-oriented topics presented in a webinar format), and provides articles, discussions, links, and other resources of interest to IBM IMS practitioners. Anyone with an interest in IMS is welcome to join the Virtual IMS user group and share in the knowledge exchange.

Next Virtual Meeting

June 6, 2023 | 10:30am CDT
Simplifying IMS performance problem identification and determination

In today’s z/OS world, finding and fixing subsystem performance issues is getting more and more difficult. In this session, attendees will learn how they can improve identification of performance issues in IMS by combining data from multiple sources into single dashboards for 360-degree views of systems infrastructure and applications and visualizing them in analytics platforms, such as Prometheus (for use with Grafana), Apache Kafka, Elastic, and Splunk. Once problems are identified, attendees will learn how they can diagnose these issues in a post processing world by combining multiple data sources, IMS/IMS Connect/IMS ATF/IMS Monitor/IMS trace, to make the end-to-end analysis of IMS Transactions faster and easier. The result will be an overall solution for improved productivity with problem determination, problem analysis, more efficient IMS ApplicationPerformance, improved IMS resource utilization, and Higher System Availability.

James Martin

Senior zSolutions Advisor, System Z
Rocket Software

Future Virtual Meetings

August 6, 2023

October 6, 2023