Welcome to the Virtual CICS user group

The Virtual CICS user group is an independently-operated vendor-neutral site run by and for the CICS user community.

The Virtual CICS user group was established as a way for individuals using IBM's CICS TS systems to exchange information, learn new techniques, and advance their skills with the product.

This Web site provides a central point for coordinating periodic meetings (which contain technically-oriented topics presented in a webinar format), and provides articles, discussions, links, and other resources of interest to IBM CICS practitioners. Anyone with an interest in CICS is welcome to join the Virtual CICS user group and share in the knowledge exchange.

The Virtual CICS user group is free to its members.

We are pleased that IntelliMagic, Broadcom, and Data Kinetics Ltd are able to help us maintain the independence and existence of this user group.

IntelliMagic Vision for CICS     

Broadcom Software     

Data Kinetics Ltd     

Co-sponsorship opportunity »

If you would also like to co-sponsors the Virtual CICS user group, please contact (trevor@itech-ed.com).

Meeting »

The most recent virtual meeting of the user group included a presentation by Larry Strickland, Chief Product Officer at DataKinetics, who was discussing "Making the case for developers to use In-Memory tables".
Copies of this presentation in PDF format are available for download here.
You can watch the whole of the last meeting again here.

The next meeting will be on 9 May 2023 at 10:30am CDT (16:30 BST).

The meetings take place at 10:30am CST (which is 16:30 GMT) and 10:30am CDT (which is 16:30 GMT) during Daylight Saving Time. Because Summer Time and Daylight Saving Time start and end dates differ in different countries, take care to get online for the meeting at the correct local time!


Newsletter »

The new User Group newsletter is available for download. The contents include information about future meetings and dates, a round-up of the latest CICS-related news, and recent CICS articles.
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The newsletter is also available in flipbook format here.

Earlier issues are available here.


White paper »

How to Optimize Your CICS Statistics Health and Performance
This white paper highlights the value that can be achieved by automatically assessing many metrics for all of your CICS regions to identify issues that may represent potential risks to availability and performance in your environment.


User Group on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn »

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We've formed an open user group on LinkedIn, where you can keep up-to-date with all the latest CICS and user group news, and also start your own discussion. Click on the icon to find the group and join. And you can now find out what's going on in the CICS world and with this user group by following us on Twitter or finding us on Facebook

One of our sponsors, Broadcom Mainframe Software, has created a Virtual CICS User Group page for us on their community platform. It’s a place to share ideas, collaborate, ask questions, and connect with Broadcom Mainframe Experts as well.

To register for the platform, visit https://community.broadcom.com/ and click “Register” in the upper right corner. Once registered, navigate to the Virtual CICS User Group page and click “Join”.

I’ll be sharing information about upcoming meetings on the page’s calendar along with other information related to this user group.


CICS Tools »

If you're a CICS user then the Tools page on this Web site contains a list of all the software that runs alongside CICS.

If you're a vendor, then please make sure that the information about your software is complete and up-to-date.

A complete list of Tools available to CICS professionals can be found here.


Recent CICS news »

IBM has announced the general availability of CICS Transaction Server 6.1.


Recent CICS articles and blogs »

CICS Region Tagging by Darren Beard and Andy Wright in Enterprise Tech Journal issue 3 (July 2022).


Arcati Mainframe Yearbook »

The brand new edition of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook >2023 is available now. It includes an annual user survey, an up-to-date directory of vendors and consultants, a resources guide, a strategy section with papers on mainframe trends and directions, a glossary of terminology, and a mainframe evolution section.
Click here to visit the download page. The Yearbook is available in PDF format and is completely FREE.


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Do you have a hot topic in mind that you think other CICS users would like to hear about? Know of a dynamic speaker who can educate and entertain? Send us a note!
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